The interactive map of resort is displaying the route, lifts, application users iPeak, who have allowed access , restaurants, hotels , etc. Increase the map, stretching your fingers the screen to see additional information.


Gray arrow number 1 in the upper left corner of the screen (slide 1/8) allows you to quickly see your location in the resort.


Gray button of setting number 2 in the lower right corner of the screen allows you to change the map type, and select the user group that you want to see on the map (slide 2/8).


To see the users on the map you need to register.


You can see location of your friends on the map, family members or other users of the application , who have allowed access by the profile settings. You can easily get acquainted with them (slide 3/8).

Click on an photo to go to the user's profile and send a message.


Settings button number 3 in the top right corner of the screen (slide 1/8) allows you to activate objects on the map , or to hide them (slide 4/8).


By clicking on the object appears the name and brief information (slide 5/8). The next time you click , you can see detailed information about the object ( slide 6/8), as well as photos (slide 7/8, 8/8).


Enjoy your iPeak application :)



IPeak International



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